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If not love it's something of the likes

This is a collection of poems about a love of places, people, and things.

Hello again

Hello my sweet friend
I know it's been awhile
I hope you've
been good
I hope you've been wild

There's been so much time
There's been so much space
But I know some day again
We will be in the same place

The world can be tough
So please stay strong and safe
Cause I really miss your laugh
and I really miss your face

I love you my friend


You were like the color orange
my compliment
Like the tint of the old street lights
on the nights we shared
you warmed my heart
but then you flickered
left it in the street
alone in the dark

Oh the Apps

I'm looking for growth not girth
if you only heard that in sex talk
then you need to get your mind out the gutter
cause someday I'm trying to tell a woman I love her
Searching for love through a dating app
I can't tell you where my mind is at
I'm tired of one night stands
and just long text talks
of random lil walks
given no second thought
See now my phone is haunted
It's filled with ghosts that don't talk
and men that I forgot
But I know I'd rather take this silence
over some of the texts I've got
Cause Understand
If one more man texts me saying "yummy"
He can taste my foot
Cause I'll shove that bitch right into his tummy
I've been looking for love in a dating app
I really don't know where my minds been at

Summer Bike Rides

A warm wind blows as
titties bounce on pot holes
Just Chicago Nights



We both blew out dandelions at the same time
Does that mean something in the universe
I blew out the dandelion while thinking of you
It got caught in your hair
Does that mean something in the universe
They say that dandelions carry wishes
and tell you if your loved
If you got my wish
does that mean something in the universe


In this world there is
Like mangos
Like "let me cook for you"
Like a helping hand

Like the hug you never want to end
Like the look that reads love
Like what you're about to find
between your lovers thighs
Like the spoon full of sugar
that makes the world go round
Forgetting bitter tastes
Forgetting the world
Sweetness you've washed it all away

It's the warmth you hold onto in the dark of the dance floor, in the sweat of your brow, in the hands of your lover. Forgetting time and whisked away. It may not last long or forever but that's the gamble we take. But none the less we hold onto sweetness everyday.

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