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Permutative Mundanity

How is everything possible

We as humans exist and create an infinite number of possibilities and moments. Our perception of these moments are limited to what we can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. Which then limits our ability to know the full extent to which a moment exists within reality. Our repetitive experience of similar moments creates the idea of “mundanity” and pushes such moments from being processed in the consciousness to being processed by the subconsciousness. This ability allows humans and all life to more efficiently interact with reality. This does not mean that a moment ceases to exist it simply means that we do not process it despite experiencing it. This also means that a moment or an aspect of a moment does not exist simply because it is not experienced or perceived by a human. I want to bring forth to the consciousness (1) The existence of the mundane moments. (2) That there are imperceptible aspects of these moments. (3) The knowledge that certain moments can exist unexperienced because of the permutative conditions of reality. (4) That there is always the possibility to experience something that is not similar to any previously known experience. (5) The moral quality of any moment is subject to the perception of the viewer.

Statement of examinations

1. The existence of reality is created and evolved from the permutative interactions of materiality and natural laws.
2. Any point of time is a result of the interactions of all conditions of reality culminating to that single point and then expanding from that single point.
3. Human experience is the perception of reality relative to the human body
4. The human condition is the experience of reality through the continued results of time.
5. Humans cannot create nor destroy reality.
6. Humans can actively affect points in time by changing the conditions of reality that interact.
7. Humans can only partially perceive any point of time.
8. Time exists without human perception.
9. Language is the sharing of perception and therefore reality.
10. Time is not moral or subjective
11. Human experience of time is moral and subjective

List of example permutative moments

3:11 pm A girl with a red coat pets a red dog
12:00 pm A woman with one eye pours a glass exactly half full
11:11 am A man falls on a pillow
5:00 am A dog jumps 2 feet in the air over a fox
6:07 pm A tree falls at 45.303738,-122.967868
4:05 pm A man weighing 243 pounds sits next to a man weighing 121.5 pounds
10:45 pm A man bleeds losing 1 quart of blood
2:40 pm A girl drops a piece of crumpled paper that has 56 folds and 3 rips in it.
9:09 am A train loses power 9.9 seconds after leaving the station
3:00 am A woman turns over 30 degrees to the north in bed
9:11 am A toddler yells 5 words into a bottle

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