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Our Nature

A collection of poems ruminating on nature

I miss summer


I take videos of trees
on my phone
because if it looks like a tree
and sounds like a tree
then it must be a tree

its mostly so that in the winter
I can watch the canopy of leaves
sway in the wind
so I can remember the warm breeze

I take videos of trees
on my phone
because I miss
the warmth of summer
and the lush of green


Listen to Nature

You ever listen to the waves
And realize the
y're not gonna tell you shit
That they don't give a damn about you
That nature doesn't either
Its just trying to be
Like nature doesnt fucking care
If you heard a tree fall in the forest
You are not the authority on natures changes
You can simply stand by and watch
Maybe you think youre holding back the dam
Maybe you think you can change it
Nature doesn't give a fuck about what you think
Nature made you
and nature will return you to dust
Don't forget that


Close your eyes


Lets imagine our selves in a new metropolis
One where skyscrapers

break though the clouds
And move with the wind
Theyre built with light be
Or beams of light
However you put it
They are warm
And bright
This is a metropolis
Of grass and flowers
Where we lay down
And the wind becomes music
And the trees become dancers
This is our new metropolis
This moment




I was told that I was born in a blizzard
I wonder

how much snow fell that morning
I wonder
if the blizzard I was born in
will stop
because it's been a long winter
and I'm still waiting for the spring to come


Heavy Rain

Why does it never rain hard enough
when you need it too
Why doesn't it rain
when you can't
Why won't the streets flood
When you can't
When you need to
When revelations
Are the genesis of
Too much
All at once
When god throws a storm at you
When never would have made it
Is the only song that makes sense
When youre praying
but dont know whose listening
Why doesnt it rain then
Why doesn't it rain
The way I need it too
Why cant I feel the rain on my face
The way I need to


Nature wrote me a poem

If we sat on a hill
Waiting to watch the sunset
I wouldn't be able to look away from you
Because if nature wrote poetry
Then you are the poem
And I may only see you for a moment
But I will never forget the colors in your eyes


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