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Proposal 3

Updated: May 5, 2021

Title: I look up too

  • Concept

    1. I make 4-8 table or seating like structures that are of varying sizes, 2’ tall to 5’ tall to 8' feet tall. On the underside of each table or seat there will be various skies painted. Under each table will be a carpet for people to lay on so that they can look at the underside of the tables and just look at the sky.

    2. Questions

      1. What style of painting should I utilize?

      2. What type of wood?

      3. How rough/finished should the tables be?

      4. Should I include a things of than just the natural sky in the image?

      5. Any ornamentation?

  • Materials

    1. Wood

    2. White paint

    3. Acrylic or oil paint

    4. Gesso

    5. Carpet(s) of various sizes

Proposal 11

Title: Cop Week Concept: 5-7 days of tv programming that highlights the role, effect, and dangers of policing in America and the "ecosystem" of whiteness. The programming and content would be stylized

Proposal 10

Concept Photo shoots with people's favorite food. I would use BBQ sauce. People can pose as they want but all of the surrounding material will be real and completely fill the frame. No photoshop.

Proposal 9

Title: permutation 11 Medium: printmaking Concept This is an expansion of my project Permutation 5. I want to create an installation of prints based on the permutation of 11 which creates 39,916,800.


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