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Proposal 1

Updated: May 5, 2021

Title: Final Curtain

  • Concept

    1. So we have my senior critique during the opening in front of the entire audience. We, me and you and the faculty critiquing me, then become the performance. We are critiquing our ability to involve the greater public in the decision of good and bad art. We are also critiquing our predisposition towards secrecy.

    2. Questions

      1. How loudly do we speak?

      2. Is the audience allowed to chime in?

      3. Where does the discussion begin?

      4. Does this prevent openness?

      5. How does the power dynamic change with the introduction of the audience into the critique?

      6. Should a recording be left as an artifact of the performance?

      7. How does the positioning of the professors in relation to me and the audience affect the ability, comfort, and quality of the critique?

      8. How do we judge the quality of the critique?

      9. Should I vie for full control, guide, or flow with the conversation?

      10. What is the appropriate tone?

  • Diagram yellow = person being crited Black = people critiquing Blue =

  • Materials

    1. A stool

    2. However many chairs for the people critiquing

    3. Voice recording tech

Proposal 11

Title: Cop Week Concept: 5-7 days of tv programming that highlights the role, effect, and dangers of policing in America and the "ecosystem" of whiteness. The programming and content would be stylized

Proposal 10

Concept Photo shoots with people's favorite food. I would use BBQ sauce. People can pose as they want but all of the surrounding material will be real and completely fill the frame. No photoshop.

Proposal 9

Title: permutation 11 Medium: printmaking Concept This is an expansion of my project Permutation 5. I want to create an installation of prints based on the permutation of 11 which creates 39,916,800.

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