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Proposal 10

  • Concept

Photo shoots with people's favorite food. I would use BBQ sauce. People can pose as they want but all of the surrounding material will be real and completely fill the frame. No photoshop.

Proposal 11

Title: Cop Week Concept: 5-7 days of tv programming that highlights the role, effect, and dangers of policing in America and the "ecosystem" of whiteness. The programming and content would be stylized

Proposal 9

Title: permutation 11 Medium: printmaking Concept This is an expansion of my project Permutation 5. I want to create an installation of prints based on the permutation of 11 which creates 39,916,800.

Proposal 8

Medium: Acrylic Paint Sizes per piece: at least 12” x 6” x 12” Number of pieces: at least 4 Concept: I want to pour out acrylic paint in sheets to dry on plastics. I will then take those sheets of acr

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