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Proposal 11

Title: Cop Week

  • Concept:

    • 5-7 days of tv programming that highlights the role, effect, and dangers of policing in America and the "ecosystem" of whiteness. The programming and content would be stylized after the discovery channel docuseries, freakanomics, last week tonight segments, and events such as shark week. Example topics and parallels; metaphors of ecosystems and communities, adaptations and maladaptation as laws and reforms, predatory nature, development and training, harm creation, etc. Bouncing between ecology, sociology, psychology, cinema and tv history, and law.

  • Questions:

    • How is content created that takes a refusal to glorifying policing as seen in most American media?

    • What is the age range that this content should be created for?

    • How much "docufiction" should be included (how does is relate on a meta conceptual level?

    • is this just cops + sharkweek?

Proposal 10

Concept Photo shoots with people's favorite food. I would use BBQ sauce. People can pose as they want but all of the surrounding material will be real and completely fill the frame. No photoshop.

Proposal 9

Title: permutation 11 Medium: printmaking Concept This is an expansion of my project Permutation 5. I want to create an installation of prints based on the permutation of 11 which creates 39,916,800.

Proposal 8

Medium: Acrylic Paint Sizes per piece: at least 12” x 6” x 12” Number of pieces: at least 4 Concept: I want to pour out acrylic paint in sheets to dry on plastics. I will then take those sheets of acr


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