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Proposal 8

Updated: May 5, 2021

Medium: Acrylic Paint

Sizes per piece: at least 12” x 6” x 12”

Number of pieces: at least 4

  • Concept: I want to pour out acrylic paint in sheets to dry on plastics. I will then take those sheets of acrylic paint and shape them into hollow or dense forms. Pieces of canvas will be used to bridge space and continue the conversation of painting. I want to explore the nature of paint and its fragility of color and the interaction colors.

    1. Questions

      1. What is the history of paint?

      2. Is this paint in form or color in form?

      3. Abstract or objective?

      4. Organic or geometric?

      5. How do I adhere the forms together?

      6. Is paint a bond?

      7. Palette?

      8. Time consumption?

      9. How will light affect is view?

      10. Hung or placed?

      11. Should I integrate pieces of canvas?

      12. Framing?

      13. Create forms with the canvas?

      14. Is this in line with Rosenberg or Greenberg?

  • Materials

    1. Paint

      1. Sheet specs

        1. Each sheet will be a single color.

          1. The colors will be premixed and not strictly primary colors.

          2. Each sheet can be painted with other colors after being manipulated into forms.

        2. Each sheet will vary in size

        3. Each sheet will vary in thickness

      2. Form specs

        1. Hollow

          1. These will be open forms

          2. At least one opening

          3. Will make up majority of forms

      3. Dense

        1. Can be placed inside hollow forms

        2. Smaller

        3. Spaced out

      4. Medium

        1. Forms will be painted with varying medium to create movement and contrast

        2. Some will be matte

        3. Some will b gloss

        4. Some will be normal

        1. Some sheets/colors will be mixed with thicker medium and dried

      5. Canvas

        1. Scraps and properly cut pieces will be used

        2. Some will be gessoed and some not

      6. Wood board

      7. Canvas

      8. Gesso

Proposal 11

Title: Cop Week Concept: 5-7 days of tv programming that highlights the role, effect, and dangers of policing in America and the "ecosystem" of whiteness. The programming and content would be stylized

Proposal 10

Concept Photo shoots with people's favorite food. I would use BBQ sauce. People can pose as they want but all of the surrounding material will be real and completely fill the frame. No photoshop.

Proposal 9

Title: permutation 11 Medium: printmaking Concept This is an expansion of my project Permutation 5. I want to create an installation of prints based on the permutation of 11 which creates 39,916,800.


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