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Tears at the Roots

A collection of poems about blood

Reck Everything

Pay Heed child




And tears



You will,

settle and soften 

love and grieve

live and die 


So pay heed child 

Pay your gods everything

You owe a debt

to the life you’ve been given


In the shadow of a rose


How can we call it 
a beautiful goodbye
When we are never ready to say it 

Why are the strongest among us

the ones we say goodbye to first

Honeysuckles on the fence


Do you ever think about 
how much you've forgotten 
like how grandmother's house 
was dark and covered in vines 
the attic was a dusty labyrinth 
filled with 
treasures from childhood's long gone 
It's where we danced to Gwen Stefani
singing  B A N A N A S 
it was an old house 
too big for 1 person 
too big for just occasional laughter 
the swing in the back broke 
the garden overrun 
the fish pond a mosquito bed 
I wonder if there
are still honeysuckles along the fence 
if those sweet memories still exist

When you lay down


When you lay with your last breath 
Do not ask for me 
I will not come 
I have already shed tears for you 
I have already mourned
Who I thought you were


Grandmothers’ Cat


You fall asleep sitting upright in a chair 
because all of the beds and couches are filled. 


Now comes the mourning.

The cat 
that only loved your grandmother 
comes and curls up in your lap. 

I think that means she’s still here



Side effect
Hands jitters
And unbalanced
Try to balance
Tremors in life
Shake you so hard
You nearly fall off your feet 
Jittery quakes and shakes
Call it dancing with no tune 
But hey 
Look mom 
We match

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