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The Bet

In the world we experience things and never realize, possibilities beyond what we know.

Playing on the verbal and the contemporary humor/culture surrounding the word of the “bet” I am playing humor + mortality against one another. My hope is to create a performance that is turned into a gift for my friends as a final art piece, a thank you, and a farewell. This work stems from my thoughts on the suicide rate statistics of those -like me, diagnosed with bipolar, and an admittedly dark sense of humor. I have always thought of the act of life as an act of art. I want to, in a way, make that a reality. I’ve reached a point where I can accept all the possibilities and the hope of a future that may or may not come. I can see it with a smile and love for the moment and those who make this moment mean the most.


1. This is an extended performance that ends with my funeral.

2. Because of the nature of capitalism all bets will be made with money. The lowest limit is $10 min. There is no max. Though other materials or services must be discussed before being agreed upon. All will be documented.

3. No money will be collected or pooled until near the end of the performance. This performance is built on trust.

4. Those who participate must agree to pay the amount they placed at the end of the performance. Anyone who doesn’t I will personally come back to haunt or fuck with their karma from what ever after life is available.

5. The bet must, at a minimum, be specified by age. It can further be specified by month, day, or method of death. Note: if someone guesses the method please investigate them for my murder lol. E.g. 27 years old or 29 years old in October or 35 years old February 18th crushed by a piano.

6. The winner is determined by who guessed, at minimum, within the age of my death. I.E. if I die at age 27 then everyone who placed their bets within that year is considered a winner. This means that there is a possibility of multiple winners. In that case the winnings are pooled together and split evenly among the winners. This is only changed if a single person guesses the year, month, and day cause that shit would be wild and I once again would suggest investigating them for my death.

7. If there is no winner then there are 2 options that must be decided upon by at least 90% of the group of participants, LOL giving my friends a group project in my death is evil and hilarious.

8. Option 1, Do nothing, aka act like this performance never happened

9. Option 2, Everyone who participated pools all their bets together and then everyone splits it evenly.

10. If I die by suicide all participants are paid their bet from my liquid assets or the selling of my artwork. This ensures that I cannot, in a sense, pick a winner.

11. Any winnings must be spent indulgently. Be selfish and buy yourself your favorite things as self care and love.

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