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The colors between our lines

For the first person I thought I could love a long time ago 



Maybe it was love or lust
or loneliness
But I know it was something deep
Maybe it was your dimples
and I just wanted to see your smile
All I know is that it was something deep
Something red 
like blood
or something red 
like fire




We rareley saw the sun together
we were a part of the night 
mosiquitos and 
deep conversations
of just silly questions
of another story
of our sanity 
the only yellow we know 
is the glow of the street lights




My favorite drink is orange juice
or a classic grilled cheese
I want the simple things
like slow dances 
to compliment whiskey glasses

sometimes I wonder why I miss you
why you feel like the color orange 
why we are more complicated 
than I want us to be



Up in a puff of smoke 
our laughs getting louder
Higher than the business 
of the world beneath our feet 
high enough 
that we see space before us 
but we were both always broke
and we grew together somehow




Some nights there was no joy
some nights were empty
some nights we would wait for the waves of time to pass us by
In the quiet though
I held your hand
and wondered what your favorite color was
The I told you my favorite color is blue
I wonder if you still remember 




We were both bruised
we still are
But we held onto ourselves 
to something more
something we both know 
is too exspensive for our hearts to afford
that just left us purple
fighting together 
against the things we already knew


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