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A collection of poems for the love of titties and other sultry shit

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Baby let me call you majestic 
If not then elegant 
Or graceful 
Better yet 
I bet tasteful in my mouth


Lying in bed with you


It's a tits out
Glowing with sweat 
Bearing the heat 
Type of time


BBQ Sauce


Some like it smokey 
Maybe a blunt or 2 
Sweet or classic
A glass of red or white
And night
I see youre a messy eater 
I am too
A napkin 
A towel 

I see you got some on your titty
Let me lick it off for you


I hope these letters find you well 


To the woman whose titties I wanna suck
I wonder if I trace 
the letters of my name 
On your body
With my tongue 
And over 
Will I be in the middle of your chest
Just slightly to the left
Beating beneath your breasts


I'll be praying you say my name 
with each breath


In your eyes


What are you thinking
What do you desire

World peace

All I can offer you is a piece of the world 
All I have to give is my heart 


Dreams of an intimate nature


I want to lay on the couch 
and read to you till we fall asleep
The apocalypse 
And the future 
have one thing in common 
And it's not the
borders or uncertainty 
It's that I want to travel there with you 

To dive into stories we never imagined
I want our story to be more than we imagined
To learn more ways to say 
I'm with you
I love you 


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