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When the Heart is Tender

A collection of poems for the soft dreams of love

Tender Rest

Letting tenderness rest 
Flesh and bone 
Wrapped in your softness 
Made of sweetness
Loving rest



May I tell you I love you this once 
I know it's so soon 
When I see u my heart jumps
the way it beats
I hope the butterflies in my stomach
take me to you soon



Are you?
Up for that?
To be down 
To reach further
To go through life
Are you down?
For this?
For that?
For me?


I will someday

I want to kiss someone I love 
I saw it in a movie once 
And a photo
And a dream 
I wonder if 
I kissed someone I love
Will it be magical like the movies 
Or can be captured like a photo
Or even refreshing like a dream
But if 
I kissed someone I love
I'm afraid everything will fade to black
I'm afraid we'll be ripped a part
I'm afraid it will be only a dream
I want to kiss someone I love
I will


The Avatar is Love

Not unlike 
The beating heart of the waves
Not unlike 
The deep roots of the trees
Not unlike 
The small comfort of a flame
Not unlike 
The sweet voice of the wind
Everything changes when love shows up
In all its elements 
How long does it take to fall in love
A hundred years in a second
And by then everything is new
Love has a lot to teach us
About the world and ourselves


Soft Dreams


When was the last time
you let your heart dream
Maybe not of something better
Maybe of something soft
That would be better
If you let the dream
Hold the pieces of your love
Even if not all the pieces are there
Even if we aren't together
Everything will feel a little softer


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